Floating back and forth in my seat, its like a dance. Keeping my pencil steady, eraser in hand, feeling like I’m at a drunken sketch party trying to make some sort of semblance of art.

I’m trying again, aren’t I? I wonder as I keep trying to sketch something that will turn heads. Something that will make a difference and have meaning.

Didn’t I just say I’m done trying? Didn’t I just literally sit down in the middle of sidewalk because I need a break? Why am making an effort again? Fuck it.

Drawing a stick figure is much more fun than shading the candle I drew. Shitty stick figures hovering over a tangent line seems to calm me. A tangent line just touches the curve at that point. One moment. One little speck of time to get your point across. One little hope that the curve will want to keep balancing with the line

Posted on: March 15, 2016elyzableau

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