Mindset Coaching for 9-5ers

When was the last time you woke up happy?

You know the smile. It’s filled with contentment and satisfaction that life is pretty darn good, and you are so ready for your day.

Has it been awhile?

We all deserve to enjoy our lives and experience it on our terms. Even when that notorious coworker comes into work with a complaint for every minute, we can still stay happy if we choose to. It’s all about shifting your mindset, through weaving your true desires into the rest of your life to find balance in the best way possible. And I can help you get there!

As a health coach and yoga instructor, I spent a lot of time helping people shift their food and how they move their bodies. It’s easy to see quickly that, though the right food and movement for our bodies is very helpful and needed, we also need to adjust our mindset to get where we really want to go. I found that the need to feel happy and satisfied was so prominent, that I decided to make it a program in and of itself.

Why choose me?

I was a natural when I was little at waking up happy and curious to start the day. I was full of wonder and intrigued by the world. Every day, I created music, dance, paintings, and inventions. It was my driving force. But as I grew into a teenager and then adult, I felt a weight on my shoulders about “have to’s”, “shoulds”, “make money”, and “do it this way”. Slowly my passionate nature started falling into a negativity pit, and I dreaded waking up in the morning. Waking up sad, angry, and depleted made my entire day cloud over to the point I stopped creating. My 9-5 felt bleak, and I kept shifting companies and jobs thinking it was the issue.

Do you want to find your happy again? You can do easily and quickly. There’s a whole world out there waiting for it! 

I offer an individual 90-Day program (with the ability to do it over and over!) where we meet for one hour a week over Facetime/Skype and dive in to get you to happy!

Free Complimentary 45 minute session!

Interesting in see if working together is a fit? Contact me here and let’s chat!