More Magic

More Magic

As is my tradition on Facebook, I write notes to the Universe. Here’s one to pass on from 2016 to 2017!

Dear Universe,

Today is Good Riddance Day. So, I bid a 2016 Good Riddance to…nothing. Nothing at all. I don’t take any of it back.

In 2016 you gave me some heart wrenching lows that brought me to the ground. But you also lifted me to new heights that I had only dreamed about before. And you taught me that I can swing that pendulum with the grace of knowing that I’m still always poised and ready, right in the center. I lost a family, but started to gather the purple sheep family I always knew was right there. My Magical Short Bus is filling up quickly! You gave me heartbreak, but even more heart mending. A broken instrument but a healed voice. I danced, I sang, I fell, I got dirty, I got back up, I got messy, I loved, I lost, I saw. I stayed curious.

I went out in my Sunday best, and got it dirty and messy as hell. Nope, not taking it back.

Thank you, 2016. Thank you for the miracles of seeing, hearing, loving, laughing, hugs, kisses, sadness, anger, grief, wrenching my heart, and turning me round and round. I see it all and the forest is a beautiful psychedelic mess.

So, nice to meet you 2017. Here’s what I’m thinking for you: I want more singing. More performing. More writing. More painting. More creating. More collaborating. More abundance. More money. More laughing. More falling. More thinking, then acting. More never thinking again, and just leaping off the cliff. More yeses. More noes. More simple. More complicated. More seeing. More being seen. More saying I love you. More picking my heart up off the floor and dusting it back off. More hugs. More friendly kisses. More passionate kisses. More being swept off my feet. More getting lost in adventure. More provoking. More movement from sadness, to happiness, to hurt, to joy, and back again. More faith. More trust. More balance. More off balance. More deep eye contact. More connecting. More messes. More curiosity. More being human. More love, right in front of me.


I think this next year I’ll stay in my dirt-soaked dress while I drive that Magical Short Bus. It’s a psychedelic mess, and the beauty of it is so true. And it’s so very loved.

To Staying in the Curious Adventure,

Posted on: January 1, 2017elyzableau