Intuitive Photography

What if you could wake up knowing that you have just the right photos that look exactly like you, make you smile when you see them, and proud to be in your own skin?

This isn’t just a headshot session, it’s healing your relationship to you.

In a 3 session package, we’ll dive into the heart of who you are, and how you are shining your light in the world. How do you work with the body and face you were given to show who you really are?

The first session is all about joining who you are, what you do, and the gifts you were given in the body you are in. Through your own intuition, my intuitive healing, and that greater energy outside of us, we’ll unlock those places that have been limiting you from showing YOU in every photo and video, no matter where you are. The first session is about an hour.

The second session is when we play in the world of photography! We’ll take natural light photos, staying in connection with what we learned in the first session. It’s all about knowing what we have to work with, and then working it! This session is 2 hours.

The third session is meeting up to review the photos. In this moment of truth, we’ll connect in to shift and change any lingering limiting feelings around who you are in the physical form.

Healing that gives you terrific shots to use in the end? Magic.

Interested in talking about working together? Contact me here!


“Working with Elyza was magical. She pairs her years of experience with meditation and  intuition training with her knowledge of photography to pull your internal beauty to the surface – leaving you with images that really speak to the person you are, and the message you wish to share with the world through your work. She guides you through the process, offering support before, during and after to make sure you are left with photos that feel and look amazing.” -Anna

“When a photographer instructs you to meditate before a shoot, you know you’re going to create some magic together. Elyza Bleau – thank you so much for capturing my fiercness with your amazing skills!” -Rachel